The Jury will look for how materials, strategies, systems and technologies are integrated in an imaginative manner, resulting in a climate-responsive, user- and planet-centric developments that are both functional and delightful.

Jury seeks to understand how the project delivers specific, measurable outcomes. Entrants are encouraged to make a case against some/all of the following criteria:


• Efficacious management of water, energy, materials
• Reliance on renewable resources
• Cradle-to-cradle approach
• Future-proofing

• Physical, psychological and emotional    needs of users
• Addressing the aspirations of individuals    and communities
• Stakeholder engagement

• Preservation of a sense of community, history and place
• Reliance on local know-how and skills


• Repair and regeneration of urban or     natural systems
• Sustainable food production and             preservation of nutrient cycles
• Protection and enhancement of             biodiversity and habitats
• Mitigation of climate change

• Potential for broad-based application
• Multiplier effect at the scales of community, precinct or city