The Jury will select up to three projects in each category that will be given the FuturArc Green Leadership Award as winning projects. In addition, several citations may be given at the Jury’s discretion.

Project teams responsible for the winning projects will be awarded a FuturArc Green Leadership Award Trophy and free subscription to FuturArc magazines. One trophy will be awarded for each winning project and certificates will be awarded to the project team during the BCI Asia Awards night, a gala event that attracts the crème de la crème of the architecture, building and construction industry in all 7 BCI Asia countries. The total turn-out estimates over 2,500.

Awards and citations will be given to the project team responsible for the project. The make up of the project team for a winning submission will be announced as per information that is entered online at the point of submission by the Entrant. The Competition Organiser accepts no responsibility for any omissions or oversights made at the time of submission.


Jurors shall have full freedom to decide on awards and citations. The Jury’s decision shall be final and binding.

Awards will be given based on quality of project submitted, regardless of the country of origin.

In addition to the awards, all projects from winning entrants and citation recipients may be published on the FuturArc website and in an upcoming edition of FuturArc Journal.

The Competition Registrar reserves the right to not award any winner where the Jurors agree that the submissions are of insufficient quality.