FuturArc Prize
A productive urban landscape | Food grown and harvested in Asia’s cities
As the footprint of Asian cities expands, it displaces farmlands in peri-urban areas. Commercial agriculture, often seen to be the answer to growing demand, is known to displace habitats and pollute waterways. Pesticides and fertilisers increase agricultural yields but they also create long-term health risks. Food waste, coming out of cities, is rarely separated from other waste and often disposed in landfills resulting in much greenhouse gas emissions.
The brief for FuturArc Prize 2013 calls for a new vision of the food consumption and waste management within city limits. This calls for new building typologies for production and recycling; it also calls for a rethink of existing typologies in high density areas.
The Task
A submission may propose one or more of the following:
1. New building typologies for urban agriculture
2. New building typologies for food waste management
3. New strategies for land-use and landscaping that address food
4. Adaptation of existing building typologies for agriculture and/or food waste management
5. Urban networks for production, distribution and recycling
Each entry shall make a case for how the building, landscape and/or network are part of a strategic rethink of the Asian city.
Site selection is at the entrant’s discretion and should be explained clearly in the submission. Only sites in Asia or Australia will be accepted.